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Our new project!

Our team builds a House Panel NEC Čugunovom in a ravine not far from Samara.

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New! Bath barrels made of Cedar!

Sauna-barrel "Imperial"

Why Cedar?


Cedar wood by nature is resistant to fungus and insects, that's why Cedar lifetime reaches 500 years.

Not smolit

Unlike the spruce and pine wood, Cedar has a low number of resin canals, so you do not prikleites′.

Do not freeze

Due to the low thermal conductivity of cedar plank thickness 50 mm. comparable with 38-cm brick wall that obespesivaet heat in the bath, even in the most severe frosts.

Healing properties

Cedar wood contains biologoičeskie active fitontsidy, which kill all bacteria and air in the bath becomes close to sterile.

Advantages of baths-drums

  • Mobil′nost′Eë not hard to move to another place or ...