“NEK” is safe, Economical, high quality.

Our own production is based on these principles.

The main idea of the technology “NEC” is to make the construction of prefabricated houses is simple and affordable. The RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY and QUALITY must be at the highest level.

Technology “NEC” allows up to 4 times speed up the construction of the house, to refuse expensive lifting mechanisms, and most importantly, all this can do 2-4 people of almost any skill, they just need to know how to use a screwdriver and conventional tools.



When the prefabricated construction of houses by technology “NEC” uses lightweight construction panels “NEC” own manufacture, consisting of steel, galvanised steel profiles with a thickness from 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm., the space between which is filled with several layers of basalt insulation with density of 80 — 90 kg/m3 and one layer of expanded polystyrene foam with an average density of 25 kg/m3. “NEC” is self-supporting and their installation width of 0.5 m. due to step mounted between metal profiles, panels “NEK”, which form a kind of support (metal frame) which can withstand the load. Panel height 2.5 m or 2.8 m, and the thickness varies from 100 mm to 250 mm depending on the climate in the region.

Note: At the moment we are working on improving the panel, in particular will be improved galvanized profile, which will make construction panel “NEK” is significantly more reliable and better. We do everything for, ensure that you have confidence in Reliability, Efficiency, Quality panels “NEK”

“NEK” — Reliability:
• Durability more than 100 years
• High resistance (1 meter wall panels “NEK” with the profile thickness 1.0 mm. withstands up to 3.4 ton load)
• Pozharobezopastnosti
• Perfect insulation — exceeds SNiP on a heat loss
• Biostability
• Environmentally friendly 100%
• Panel “NEC” do not absorb and retain moisture
• Excellent noise isolation from outside noise and inside komnata through interior partitions “NEK”

“NEC” is cost-effective:
• 2-4 persons able to work with screwdriver and other common tools, you can build a house that saves you the cost of installation work
• Light weight panels “NEC” (30-37 kg) eliminates expensive Foundation, which in turn reduces material costs of the Foundation and work.
• The lightness of the panels eliminates the need for loading and unloading specials. technology. Unloading by hand.
• The housing complex is delivered to one machine, which saves the cost of shipping a set of.
• Low heating costs are achieved due to the high thermal resistance of external walls exceeding SNiP on the heat loss.
• All of the above reduces the cost of building a house.
“NEC” is the Quality:
• Initially, you get a factory quality product in manufactured using only the best materials: high quality galvanized steel, basalt insulation average density of 80-90 kg/m3, polystyrene PSB density 25 kg/m3, which added flame retardants flame retardant + supplements from rodents.

The house is built of panels and lined with facing bricks.


Benefits of construction technologyNEC”

By combining the best properties of insulation and load bearing capacity of the metal framework, building on technology “NEC” is one of the most favorable options for construction for the future owner. It gets favorable, and in the construction and operation of the building panelsNEC”.


805285033Lightweight wall material

Due to the lightweight construction of the walls, it is possible to use light Foundation, and this, in turn, reduces its cost:
*screw piles
*pile or pile-supported Foundation
*laying of strip Foundation






        Cost is not the only plus of foundations, in the case of pile foundations the possibility appears quite low (and in some cases it is the only opportunity) to resolve the issue with the Foundation on a plot with complex topography and (or) complex



Construction without heavy equipment


               The lightweight design eliminates the need for lifting equipment during the construction phase of the walls. Floors also can be mounted forces of 2-3 people, which also reduces the cost of construction. This is especially good in cases when there is no possibility of the entrance of the technology on site due to the lack of access roads or unstable soils (e.g. in the offseason).


Savings in logistics (delivering and unloading)


  Wall of a housing complex can be delivered to the site one machine rather than several, for example, with heavy bricks, foam concrete blocks. To unload you in hand without the use of cranes or manipulators, the weight of the system is about 32 kg.




Minimal heating costs


In the construction of houses, the future owners are increasingly thinking about the insulation of their homes and on future heating costs.

The thickness of the panels “NEC” 150 mm is sufficient for ensuring compliance with the building regulations on energy saving for most regions of Central Russia. For more “severe” regions are thick panels 200 and 250 mm.

Moreover there is no possibility of gas heating or its installation will be “cosmically” roads, construction technology “NEC” allows to significantly save on elektromotoren. Especially effective proven energy-saving heating system “COUSY” the cost of electric heating close to the cost of gas heating.


No cold bridges


In construction technology “NEC” there are no so-called “bridges”, the structural members that pass through the wall through and made of material that is frozen. These elements of winter begin to quickly transmit heat. For example, such heat conductor elements are framed in a classic timber frame construction, where the frame used boards h mm at a wall thickness of 150 mm. Wood, though relatively warm material, but its thickness 150 mm. definitely not enough, and it will be a cold bridge. To comply SNiP on the heat loss for an average strip thickness of wood should be about 0.5 M.

In construction technology “IEC” design is applied when the metal profiles are not touching each other, in the direction from the room to outside, wall mounted, and are not the bridges.


The estimated cost of construction technology “NEC”

1. House set (Foundation, floors from boards h, wall panels from “NEC”, truss system Board of h mm) — 4900 R/m2

2. House set and its installation — 7200 R/m2

3. The construction of “turnkey”

House set and its installation

Roof — decking with insulation 150 mm (ROCKWOOL insulation)

Rainwater system, plastic

Plastic box 1,2×1,4 m., one street door, interior doors

Underfloor insulation thickness of 150 mm (ROCKWOOL insulation), with a coating of tongue-and-groove boards with a thickness of 36mm.

Exterior finish — siding (possible any other finish)


Interior trim — resistant plasterboard (possible any other finish)

Enclosed porch

The cost of “turnkey” in this case from R. 16500/m2.

Remember, the larger the area, the lower the cost per square meter, one way or another, you need a calculation of your specific facility.

Ease of construction technology “NEC”

Despite the apparent singularity of construction technology “NEC” under it is possible to adapt any desired project, which means that any house can be built on a “knack”!

Mounting panel width is 500 mm. — it is convenient when calculating the number of panels, but this does not mean that the size is limited by the ratio of 500 mm. It can be varied, for example, if you require to get the length of the wall is 7.8 meters, it is necessary to use as much as 15 panels “NEC” and trimmed to size.

To build a house with a Bay window, it’s easy.

Possible to finish razlichnye facade materials:

* Ventilated — vinyl siding and metal, wooden block house and Board

* Plaster facade (on the grid)

* Front panel

* Artificial stone and tile

* Facing bricks

You can apply the following interior trim:

* Gypsum-fiber Board, OSB, DSPS, Grinberg etc.

* Plaster mesh

* Wallpaper or decorative coating

* Just paint

As roofing materials you can use:

* Decking, metal roof

* Onduline and slate

* Flexible, shingles

The technology is suitable for installation. Mounted in 3-4 times faster than on frame technology. Simple guide design helps to maintain the perfect geometry when installing the panels, as well as minimizing possible errors.

The technology installation is so simple that it can be mastered in a few hours. It is also possible to order supervision by trained professionals.

A simple visual inspection of quality, and this is another key difference from classical frame technology when we are not sure that the insulation is of good quality and Packed efficiently, while with technology “NEC” poor quality installation will be visible immediately and will be corrected immediately. But You don’t need to explain qualitatively the insulator is a prerequisite for a really warm home.

You can build almost any temperature. While the workers CAN work — you can build, and it’s up to -20 degrees.

Technology does not shrink. Many have heard about the fact that after the construction of the house to survive for a while, that he “gave shrinkage” has become dimensionally stable and does not “walk” after execution finishes. This is due to many factors, but to live in the house I want!

Unlike most technologies, the technology “NEC” stable in this parameter, because the metal frame ensures the constancy of the dimensions of the panels and this is the main difference from the classical frame technology, in which the bearing element is wood, which is not always used dry.

Easy to attach:

* Add-ins

* Attachment

* Attic floors

Easy to attach to an already built home, because the panels do not create a large load and are built on a light pile foundations, it is possible to attach them to any building will not be difficult.

Tested for strength and combustibility

Tests of resistance to combustion. Panel harness 2 minutes gas burner. Flame temperature of about 1500 degrees.

The vertical load test. On the raised wall panel load 17,00 tons. Load at 1 p. M. the walls of 3.4 tons.

To order the construction of technology “NEC”

We are manufacturers of construction panels “NEC”, for prefabricated low-rise construction. We work all over Russia and neighboring countries.

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