The convector has no analogues in the ratio of heat output and electricity consumption.The desire to hold the gas for heating, despite the fact that it is quite expensive, is not accidental. After all, spending is not small money we know that in the future the cost of gas will be small. And heating “COUSY”, the cost is sometimes higher (but lower than the cost of the gas heating) than the cost of conventional heaters and electric heating, but in the end the cost of electricity as close as possible, and sometimes the comparable expenses for gas and its contents. The investment in the heating system “COUSY” money back to You in the form of future savings, and money saved is money earned.
Wall heaters “COUSY” among such electric heaters are the best indicators for energy consumption and heat dissipation.
Know-how of energy-saving heater is a flat heating element that ensures minimal power consumption and has high heat transfer.
The heating element is patented!
Electric heater “COUSY” made of safe for human health and pet materials.
The device is fireproof, has a high degree of protection against electric shock, easy to maintain, not afraid of power surges, requires no supervision during operation.
Moderate surface temperature of the heater enables
the use of the heating system “COUSY” in preschool.
Low power consumption;
High heat output;
Modern design;
Easy maintenance;
Does not burn oxygen, as there is no open high-temperature heating elements.
Wall “COUSY” available in two variants:
1) the Heater without the light switch comes with a three-core wire is 0.7 m long without a plug, used to create the basic heating system with the connection to the thermostat.
2) Heater with switch supplied with 1 metre long three-wire cord and plug with grounding, is used as additional heating, but in the same way as in the first embodiment.
In the delivery set includes:
Heaters — 1 PC.
The wire connecting.
The hinged bracket — 2 PCs.
Dowel-nail — 4 PCs.
Instruction manual — 1 PC.
Packing — 1 PC.
The body of the heater is made of steel with a thickness of 0.7 mm, colored plastic paint in different color options on all sides, which eliminates corrosion. Radiator built-in heater casing is made of galvanized steel. The heater is made of corrosion-resistant materials, so you can use it in wet areas.
The principle of operation of the heater

Operating economy is achieved by the fact that there is a double principle of heating:
Convection 60%: cold air enters through the grate at the bottom of the heater, passes through a heating element located inside the device and it is already heated through the upper part of the heater is gradually spreading through the room. Thermal radiation 40%: the heat comes from the front and back sides of the surface of the heater. The surface temperature of the heater power of 250 W to 55 °C, 320 W to 65 °C. This type of heating allows to achieve a 99.9% efficiency. This means that almost all the consumption of network electricity is converted into heat,as there is no heat transfer.